This Eco-Friendly Tiny House Is Straight Out of a Finnish Fairytale

published Aug 30, 2018
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(Image credit: Fanny Hagman)

First things that come to mind upon seeing this cabin: modern, striking, sustainable. That’s exactly what Finnish designer Robin Falck wanted to embody when building the Nolla cabin, an eco-friendly tiny house in Helsinki.

The urban camping experience was built in the middle of woodland on Vallisaari, an island in Finland’s capital city. The designer picked this location because the area is perfect for visitors to “wind down and distance themselves from their daily routine and obligations,” says Falck.

However, this tiny house isn’t stuck in one spot. Falck built the structure so it could easily be moved from location to location, fastened together with screws to easily be taken apart and put together. That feature, combined with adjustable pedestals, makes the Nolla cabin ideal for any type of terrain.

Not only does the mobility allow guests to have a change of scenery, but it also prevents any destruction to the surrounding environment—one of the many eco-friendly aspects to the cabin. The structure is also entirely made of timber, so any part that might need repairing over time can easily be replicated.

“The culture of repairing things is disappearing, and we’re quick to buy a replacement rather than fix what we already have—but that’s not a very sustainable way of living,” says Falck. “I find modern-day helplessness and the inability to make things with our own hands slightly scary, so I wanted to make the cabin easily repairable and thus give it an infinite number of life cycles.”

(Image credit: Fanny Hagman)

The entire triangular-shaped space is one bedroom, with two twin camping beds and a floor-to-ceiling view of the archipelago, according to the Airbnb listing. The solar panels on the cabin’s roof supplies electricity to charge handheld devices but does not feature wi-fi, creating a disconnected experience. The cabin is also equipped with a small cooking nook that has a stove for both cooking and heating, which runs on renewable diesel.

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