These 200 Square Foot Tiny House-Inspired Dorms Will Make You Want to Go Back to School

published Jun 7, 2018
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Student housing options vary from school to school, but there’s a particularly eye-catching project in the Netherlands that will hopefully serve as a model for future designs.

Thanks to Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary design firm Standard Studio, an old office building now serves a new purpose as a stylish student housing apartment complex. As Treehugger reports, the layout of the 218 200-square foot units takes its cues from the tiny house movement, with a focus on making creative use of the small spaces.

Located in Rotterdam, the Hermes City Plaza apartments couldn’t be further from the frightful off-campus housing options some unfortunate students have been subjected to. By contrast, the design of each comfortable residence mimics that of a sleeping loft. The elevated sleeping space is suspended 9.8 feet above the ground, accommodates a queen size bed, and is easily accessible by a nearby staircase that conveniently functions as a set of wardrobes and shelves.

Continuing the trend of multi-purpose furniture, the living space is outfitted with a super creative, space-saving desk-sofa-storage combo and a minimalist handrail that doubles as a wall-mounted shelf. There’s a single, large sink that serves both the kitchen and bathroom, which includes a toilet, shower and vanity. A nearby mirror/chalkboard combo serves as an official border between both spaces. The kitchen shelves are accentuated with LED strip lights, and true to tiny house form, a standout sustainable element can be found in the cabinetry, which is made from renewable bamboo.

Putting the final stamp on these extremely chic student accommodations are the shared amenities, which include a music room, a laundry room, communal study areas, TV rooms and a rooftop terrace.

At the moment, there’s no word on how much students can expect to pay to move into one of the Hermes City Plaza apartments, but finding tenants for all of the units probably won’t be much of a challenge.