Kevin Hart Designed a Customized Tiny House—And You Can Stay There

published Sep 28, 2018
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There’s no denying that tiny house culture is all the rage nowadays. From getting the best space-saving storage tips to locking down your next vacation spot and even making a dollar or two, these tiny quarters provide several reasons to get with the small space trend. Plus, since they tend to take on the traits of their surrounding environment and those who live there, these spaces make for some incredible design inspo.

And now, even celebrities are getting into this quaint real estate craze, the latest being Kevin Hart.

On Thursday, the well-known comedian publicly unveiled his unique tiny home in Herald Square Park of New York City. And with the help of, Hart customized the small unit to reflect his big personality using creative methods.

The celebrity described the 268-square-foot home being a true reflection of who he is, saying it’s “my level of comfort, my level of style, and I guess you could say my level of flash.” Some of Hart’s personal items made it into the interior, like the mattress in the loft and his actual hardwood floors. Other Hart-specific touches include the various framed photos of himself, sockets with his initials, and his new autobiography, I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons.

The 24′ x 8′ accommodation is complete with a full-sized bed in the upstairs loft, a full bath, a kitchen with all the fixings, and a living room. And visitors are fully entertained with an Amazon Alexa, speakers, and collection of Hart’s stand-up specials and movies.

The tiny home will soon be relocated from NYC to Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, Hart’s hometown. Once that happens, the tiny home will be available for rent and listed on for $175 a night.

Get ready to live your biggest life in Hart’s tiny home!