This Natural-Meets-Modern Tiny House Is the Definition of Cozy

published Sep 3, 2018
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(Image credit: Koto)

Have you ever wished you could trade in your stress-induced urban apartment for a natural, simple space? And maybe, every once in a while, one you could pick up and move around to a new location for a refreshing change? This tiny house might be for you.

Enter, Koto: a design company started by Johnathan and Zoe Little that creates micro homes meant for year-round capacity. The husband-and-wife duo designs these tiny cabins to embody minimalist Scandinavian culture, allowing those who occupy the space to live a Nordic lifestyle—one that is simple, relaxing, and full of balance. (Not to mention that “koto” means cozy in Finnish.)

Here’s how it works. You can request a one, two, three or four-bedroom unit, with add-on options like a sauna or outdoor shower. Once you have confirmed your final design plans with the team, Koto gets to work on your prefabricated cabin and can deliver it to your desired location within 12 weeks. The best part is that even after the cabin is finished, it can be relocated wherever the home owner may please.

(Image credit: Koto)

The cabins are built in the form of pods with a diagonal ridge roof, which allows the rooms to mold to various configurations. “This shape allows for an interesting form and experience both internally and externally, a modern twist on the traditional vernacular,” Johnathon Little told Dezeen.

Timber frames are used to build the micro homes, which is a sustainable material that can easily be repaired if need be. And the interior is designed to use the most of the space with minimal materials, from the concealed storage walls that maximizes floor space to the many windows letting natural light in that ultimately reduces the need for fixtures.

So, if you’re ready elevate your love for Scandinavian minimalist design, this might be the best place to start.