This Floating Minimalist Tiny House Can Be Assembled in One Day

published Mar 21, 2019
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(Image credit: Riku Kylä)

In today’s technology-driven world where we can’t go five minutes without something pinging or vibrating at us, it’s no wonder that tiny houses and minimalism have been trending topics in the home space. They symbolize a simplicity and lack of unnecessary clutter that sounds oh-so-tempting as our brains are constantly bombarded with emails, news, and advertisements. There are definitely options for those looking for a stripped-back escape—from this tiny home set in the Mojave Desert to this sleek monocabin in picturesque Rhodes, Greece—but what about actually living in a tiny home full-time?

Kodasema, an award-winning Estonian design company, has four types of moveable homes that are delivered fully constructed and installed in less than a day. The newest of which, KODA Light Extended, was unveiled earlier this month.

“The original idea at the early stages of Kodasema was to stop wasting energy and start reducing the energy consumption also in the construction industry,” said Kodasema co-founder Hannes Tamjärv. “Small living spaces often automatically mean less energy is required, leaving a smaller footprint. These ideas eventually resulted in the KODA.”

In addition to offering a sustainable living space (or office, shop, etc.; the design is versatile), the company also notes that its KODA design “addresses the global contrast between the growing population and the growth of the average Western living unit,” as its homes can be installed in unused urban spaces.

Demo homes can be found and purchased in Estonia, Norway, Germany, Sweden, and the U.K. Unfortunately, KODA homes are not yet available in the U.S. (or North America in general), as Dwell points out, All hope isn’t lost as the company is open to distribution and support network partners in all markets.

Here’s a quick look at each of Kodasema’s prefab units:

(Image credit: Tonu Tunnel)

The award-winning OG of the group, the 282-square-foot space has a full-size lofted sleeping area and a glass facade that lets in plenty of natural light. There’s an open-space living room, a bathroom (shower and toilet), a kitchenette, and a small terrace. It’s constructed using thin composite panels that have a concrete exterior and wood interior.

(Image credit: Getter Kussmaa)

As its name suggests, the KODA Light is just a fraction of the weight of the original concrete KODA, thanks to its steel reinforced timber structure. It’s slightly smaller than the KODA Concrete at 278 square feet but offers a greater degree of customization. For example, two additional KODA Light units can be stacked on top of the roof. Exterior finishes and colors as well as interior elements can also be customized to suit the intended environment and use for the building.

(Image credit: Riku Kylä)

Set on floating pontoons, KODA Light Float is a waterfront home that’s attached to shore. The company envisions this design being used as a residence near a yacht harbor or on a private lake, a harborside cafe, or summer retreat. While the other models, don’t have windows along the sides of the structure, the Light Float has a wraparound terrace to enjoy the surrounding views.