This 150-Square-Foot Pod Is a Tiny Office on Wheels

published Oct 15, 2018
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(Image credit: Stephen Schauer)

The manner in which offices are designed is evolving. Style, space, and ingenuity are becoming more of a priority, and this geometric mobile office serves as evidence.

The Lighthouse Office is a 150 square foot pod on wheels, and it serves as an accurate representation of beautiful and inspiring workspaces. Architects Kagan Taylor and Justin Rice of L.A. based Knowhow Shop are the creators of the striking asymmetrical structure, which they assembled in their backyard.

“This is not a project that we would have been able to hand off to a contractor to execute, so we bypassed the normal methods of architectural production, and relied on the most experimental potential of our design/build model,” the designers say about the project. “Lighthouse is an office for our business, a showcase of our craft, and an example of the huge potential within rethinking the way we design and build.”

In addition to incorporating practicality into office design, the duo made sure to avoid disturbing the building site as little as possible through designing a micro-space constructed like a piece of furniture. The pod’s industrial casters serve as a foundation that activates its mobility feature. Its exterior is comprised of all-white structure insulated panels that are conjoined by film industry hardware.

(Image credit: Stephen Schauer)

Aside from its stark, asymmetrical aesthetic, notable design elements include the structure’s lack of right angles (including the glass front door) and a custom-made skylight utilizing boatbuilding materials while borrowing its design from a car sunroof. Situated beneath a large horizontal window are long desks that are connected to the walls; A built-in shelf accentuates the back end of the structure. And due to its mobile attributes, the pod can be easily moved or connected to other pods.

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h/t Inhabitat