This Firefighter Built a 140-Square-Foot Tiny House on Wheels

published Dec 29, 2017
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Our adoration for tiny homes knows no bounds, and this cozy Canadian earthship-inspired house on wheels is no exception.

The construction of the humble abode took place after Steve completed a course on on Earthship Biotecture design and building in New Mexico. The tiny home on wheels is stylish, sustainable and extremely inviting.

At a mere 140 square feet, the home comes equipped with a queen-sized bed, a kitchen with a vertical herb garden and a deck. The house is located in the backyard of a traditional home Steve uses as a rental property. Steve had a vision for the tiny home to be completely self-powered, but it uses the main home for utilities along with its own propane-powered hot water heater and incinerating toilet.

“For me, it was how the economics of it make sense. I rent the big house out and the tenants pay the mortgage, so by me staying in the small house in the backyard, I’m living a mortgage-free lifestyle right now, immediately, while I’m still collecting equity in the main house. So that makes sense to me and that’s a good situation to be in,” Steve explains.

To make the most of the minimal space, the living space is outfitted with cubby holes and elongated drawers that allow for creative storage. Steve converts the area to a bedroom with a pull-out bed that’s stored beneath the kitchen, which features vertical wall shelves, a propane-powered stove, a mini-fridge, microwave and toaster oven. Despite the limited space, the home even has a full-sized shower.

Along with attention to sustainability, Steve made sure to equip his house with fire safety features in mind, including a fire extinguisher, smoke and CO₂ detectors and egress windows. Steve plans to replace the brick flooring with wood for a more feasible heating option to accompany the home’s propane heater, wood stove and electric patio heater. Overall, he estimates the total cost of his tiny home at $50,000.

h/t Inhabitat