This Tiny House Sleeps Up to 6 People

published Nov 12, 2018
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In case you were unaware, there’s actually a situation in which turning your house upside down is regarded as positive. It’s known as reverse living, where the traditional home layout is swapped for an opposite setup, as is the case with this tiny house model from New Zealand company Build Tiny.

Dubbed the Archer, the living room in this scaled-down dwelling is upstairs while the double bedroom is located on the lower level, making the ideal living space for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of climbing stairs or ladders in the middle of the night.

Measuring 26 feet long and 13.8 feet high, the Archer can sleep four to six people. Downstairs, there’s a compact dining area along with a kitchen that could easily pull its weight in a larger dwelling – it features a refrigerator, an oven with four propane burners, a dishwasher and a washer/dryer combo as well as two awning opening windows.

There’s also a bathroom with a small window and shower concealed by a rollaway screen, as well as a composting toilet suitable for tiny home enthusiasts who also want to conserve water. The double bedroom is situated beneath a loft/sleeping/living area, which is accessible via a removable ladder. An alternate sleeping area is located just above the kitchen and bathroom, and can be accessed by a storage staircase.

The homes come with LED lighting, but a solar option is available for an extra cost. The Archer comes in three stages of completion: the first cost about $38,000 and is a waterproof shell fit for a DIYer; the second version is $57,200 and has electricity, insulation, and interior wall linings; the third and most finished version of the home is $69,700.