The Things You Notice: Tiny Shops & Kristin Farr's Boxes

The Things You Notice: Tiny Shops & Kristin Farr's Boxes

Tess Wilson
Apr 7, 2011

A friend mentioned recently that she loves finding out what people notice in movies- whether it's pyjamas or hairstyles or wallpaper or shoes. I love this concept (it tells you so much about a person!) and so I rewatched the movie we happened to be discussing, Fantastic Mr. Fox, to see what I noticed most. Sweet little storefronts, without a doubt...

Though the farmer's wife's boots (oooohh..) and sparkly apples definitely caught my eye, it was the little shops in the town that I swooned over, and I paused the movie to get a closer look. They are perfect, of course, as all of Wes Anderson's creations are. (I couldn't find all the film stills I was hoping for, but here's one of the laundromat, and an adorable shot of Bill Murray sleeping on the diminutive set.)

Perhaps it's because I've worked in little shops most of my adult life and aspire to have one of my very own someday, or perhaps I just love the timelessness of storefronts: the cheerful proprietor sweeping the sidewalk every morning, the favorite regulars, the early-morning light as you prepare for a day of customers. Amelie and Julie & Julia are two other movies with excellent shops to ogle. Any other favorites? What do you feel yourself drawn to in films?

These charming boxes are handmade by Kristin Farr and they are teeny: just 2"x3"x3.5". They're called houses, but to me nothing says 'delightful goods sold here' like a striped awning. I want the whole town!

Image: Swarm Gallery, via Big Things

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