Our Favorite Travel-Size Camera Tripods

Our Favorite Travel-Size Camera Tripods

Jeff Heaton
Feb 7, 2012

We've been wowed lately by the trend of vintage styled point and shoot and Micro 4/3 cameras. Suddenly taking family photos doesn't seem so bad. But even if you manage to get everybody into the frame and looking at the lens, you still have to lug around some heavy gear to keep things stable. A backpack-friendly tripod can do the trick!

1. GorillaPod Micro 250/800 ($19.95-29.95)
The Micro, from the makers of the bendy GorillaPod you're probably familiar with, is an always on mount that comes in two flavors for different camera weights. The mount folds up easily underneath the camera, though it might make it too large to fit in some cases. The mount gives you 36 degrees of movement, plenty for getting the right angle. We like the 800 because some of our lenses tend to be relatively heavy, even on the micro 4/3s camera.

2. The Folding Tripod ($50)
The Folding Tripod reminds us of a tent: the superlight frame separates into sections and folds up. When assembled it stands 44 inches tall but weighs a third of a standard tripod without the price of carbon fiber. Photojojo suggests this can be used with any dSLR, though we'd be a little wary of sticking a few grand worth of equipment on one. It's definitely good enough for our point and shoot.

3. Modopocket ($29.41)
Truly tiny, the Modopocket is 6mm thick when folded and weighs only 50 grams. It tilts back and forth for upward angled shots and stands sturdy on rubberized feet. While it only adds a slight amount to the base of your camera it also may make it harder to fit into those tight cases. We like that it doubles as a standard tripod mount.

4. The Wrap-Up ($16.50)
The Wrap-Up solves our main complaint with most mini-tripods: it's guaranteed to fit in a case because it is a case. While its adjustments aren't as nice as some of the other tripods we've featured, it does make setting up and shooting super simple. We like that the device stays pocket sized and won't get scratched by our keys.

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