Tip: Buy Supplies From Commercial Bulk Retailers

Tip: Buy Supplies From Commercial Bulk Retailers

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 3, 2010

One of our favorite tricks when it comes to saving money is to buy in bulk when the situation calls for it. Although you can save some cash at big box bulk retailers like Costco and Sam's Club, we're talking about the online stores that businesses order from. You want paper, plastic or cloth bags for favors or gifts? Well you're in luck — as long as you want 200 of them!

200 party bags?! Who needs that? Well I can personally attest to the joy that buying blank bags that suit any occasion can bring. For the last several years my husband and I have had glycene (thin plastic) bags around the house. We've used them for parties, gift bags, pretty snacks and even packing a few order for our online stores.

When you order a pack of 200 (or more or less, depending on the style) you end up spending around $35 or so. Sometimes it's a bit more and sometimes it's a little less, but that's a pretty decent mental guide so next time you're out shopping and you see a cute 10 pack of bags for $5, you can think.... 200 for $35 or 10 for $5? For the same price you can get 200 you could only afford 70 at a regular retailer.

Here's a good starting point if you've never looked at this sort of retailer before, explore each different type of bag. They're offered in all sorts of sizes, shapes, materials and thicknesses. Add a stamp or pretty ribbon and they'll fit right in with any event at any time of year! Plus, if you don't already get it, order the Unline catalog. Just stay away from their shop tables, otherwise you'll find yourself re-outfitting your craft room!

(Image: Unline)

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