How To Hang Groups of Artwork

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Reader Marcelo recently sent in this tip for hanging artwork. We’ve learned How To Hang Artwork in Clusters and How To Hang a Wall of Pots. Here, Marcelo uses inexpensive wrapping paper printed with a grid to easily arrange his artwork and transfer the arrangement to a wall.

What You Need

inexpensive wrapping paper printed with a grid
a collection of artwork you wish to hang

drafting tape
your preferred picture-hanging tools


1. Arrange the various sized frames on the paper using the grid to keep the space between frames consistent.

2. Trace your arrangement onto the gridded paper

3. Set frames aside

4. With the outline of every frame on the paper, it is easy to move the paper to the perfect place on your wall. When you’re ready, temporarily attach the paper to the wall with drafting tape.

5. Using the paper as a guide, portrait nails (or your frame-hanging hardware of choice) can be placed quickly and efficiently.

Marcelo used this Scotch brand paper.

Thanks for the tip Marcelo!

Originally published 1.14.2008 – AA

(Image credit: The Kitchn)

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