Tips for a Killer Halloween Party Photo Booth

Tips for a Killer Halloween Party Photo Booth

Dabney Frake
Oct 24, 2012

Photo booths at Halloween parties: guests love them, and your zombie costume will live on in perpetuity. Enough said.

Creating a fun and visual booth is all about creating layers — almost like a mini styling session for a magazine. Here are a couple of ways to make yours stand out:

Layer #1: Choose a Backdrop with Texture & Dimension

If you're super talented, painted murals rock the house. For the rest of us, patterned vs. solid fabrics add texture. Go for added dimension with things like garlands, tassels and layered crepe paper. Each of these options make photos stand out instead of fall flat.

Layered paper backdrop from Ruffled; Halloween garland from Fabulously Homemade; Forest mural from eHow; and Orange dot fabric from Three Rivers Fabric.

Layer #2: Create Levels with Scenery

Whether it's a simple chair or step stool, or something more atmospheric like a bale of hay, sturdy objects create levels and provide more options for fitting guests in the frame. Kids can stand up, adults can sit down. You get the picture.

Wooden stump from Vermont Farmtable; Hay image from Shutterstock; and Galvanized bucket from One Charming Party.

Layer #3: Provide Handheld Props for Fun

Props give your guests something to do with their hands, making for more relaxed and animated photos. Goofy wins over stiff any day of the week. Unless it's a corpse, of course.

Bride of Frankenstein on a stick from Kitty Dune Cuts; Vampire Mustache from Pinky Noodles; and Chain image from Shutterstock.

(Images: as linked above)

Re-edited from a post originally published 10.24.12 - JL

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