Tips for a Smooth Reentry to Everyday Life After Vacation

Tips for a Smooth Reentry to Everyday Life After Vacation

Jason Loper
Jul 27, 2011

We've given you loads of travel inspiration this month but what about when you return home? Let's face it, coming back home can be the worst part of a vacation. Here are some tips to help with a smooth reentry back to everyday life.

Unpack right away. Throw your dirty laundry in the machine and put your toiletries back in the medicine cabinet. If you brought back souvenirs, find a place to temporarily stow them until you're ready to find them a permanent home.
If at all possible, give yourself a recovery day before going back to work. Arriving home at 11PM and then being expected at work at 8AM the next day is one quick way to kill the vacation buzz.
Follow the time zone. If you traveled across many time zones, try to jump right back into your home time. Go to bed at your regular time and get up when you usually do the next morning.
Upload your vacation photos to your computer. You may have to wait to go through them, but getting them off the camera and onto your hard drive is half the battle.
Order your favorite carry-out meal. Ah, the familiar tastes of home. While you're unpacking and settling back in, order your favorite meal to be delivered.
Schedule a grocery delivery. Chances are your fresh produce and milk didn't survive while you were away. Consider ordering groceries to be delivered the day you return or the next morning. Nothing makes you feel more at home than a fully stocked refrigerator.
Sit down and go through your mail. I prefer to open the bills (and other bad news) first and save all the good news (magazines and letters) for last.
Wash away the travel stress. A long hot bath or shower and your favorite, most comfortable clothes (or even your birthday suit) will help you feel right at home.

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