Tips for Creating Privacy, Even in Tight Quarters

Tips for Creating Privacy, Even in Tight Quarters

Jason Loper
Aug 15, 2011

Whether it's one roommate or four, an apartment or a dorm, creating your own sense of privacy can go a long way in keeping you sane. Here are some tips to help you obtain some solitude even in a crowded space:

Divide large spaces with furniture. Using shelves or wardrobes or even tables, you can create privacy in larger, open floor plan rooms.
Use curtains to surround yourself. You can use curtains to surround your bed, divide up a room, or even create a private little cubicle around your desk.
Headphones are your friends. Whether you want to blast music or just block out your roommate's snoring, noise blocking headphones can become your new best friend.
Sleeping masks aren't just for princesses. If you're sensitive to light or have a light-happy roommate, strap on a sleep mask.
Have a little light of your own. Keep task lighting near a bed, desk, or favorite chair. You can light up your little world while the rest of the apartment dwells in darkness.
Schedule some alone time. It may take a little coordination but if you're sharing a small space with one or more people, try to work out a time when each of you can have the space to yourself. Even if it's only an hour, everyone appreciates alone time.

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