Tips for Decorating the Perfect Christmas Tree

published Dec 21, 2016
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(Image credit: Chelsea Francis )

As we’ve seen from her two Halloween decor tours, crafter and blogger Jennifer Perkins takes decorating for the holidays very seriously. And by very seriously, I mean incredibly bold, brassy, colorful and over-the-top! It should come as no surprise that she’s a master at outfitting the crown jewel of Christmas decor: the tree. In fact, she has over 100 trees, so she definitely knows what she’s talking about. Let her decor ideas inspire your own last-minute holiday touches.

(Image credit: Chelsea Francis )

Don’t get all your decorations at the same place.

Shop around so it does not look like one store housed all the decorations for your entire tree. Even if you only hit three different stores, it will help make for a more interesting mix.

(Image credit: Chelsea Francis )

Mix textures, shapes and sizes with your ornaments.

You don’t want a tree covered with just round shiny balls. Give your tree depth and dimension by using different styles of ornaments.

(Image credit: Chelsea Francis )

Decorate in layers starting from the inside of the tree and moving out.

Obviously you want to fluff your branches and add lights first. Next I like to add tinsel to give extra depth. Often I use tinsel in the same color as the tree to make it appear fuller. Next add cheap filler ornaments to the inside. If I’m going to add a beaded garland I split my ‘good’ ornaments in half. I put half the ornaments on the tree, add my beads and then place the other half. That way some ornaments are in front and others are behind the garland. Last I like to add small ornaments or icicles to the tips of branches.

(Image credit: Chelsea Francis )

Don’t make the tree topper an afterthought.

There is more to a fabulous tree than putting a star on top and calling it done. Hit the floral department at the craft store and go crazy. I’m from Texas and you know that saying “the higher the hair the closer to God.” I kinda make it my mantra with Christmas tree toppers.

(Image credit: Chelsea Francis )

The carpet should match the curtains.

Nothing irritates me more than a gorgeous tree and then I can see the ugly metal base. It’s like wearing a designer dress with your track shoes. If you don’t have a perfect tree skirt, blankets work great. I’ve used angora sweaters and vintage souvenir skirts before. Another option is to wrap gifts in coordinating paper to stack underneath.

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