5 Simple Secrets of People Who Always Leave the House on Time

5 Simple Secrets of People Who Always Leave the House on Time

Adrienne Breaux
Jun 30, 2015

Trying as hard as you can but just can't seem to manage to leave the house on time to get to work, an event or well, anywhere? The punctual-ly challenged aren't destined to be late for the rest of their lives; they need only steal these five secrets from people who always manage to leave their house at the time they set out to. The best part? These "secrets" are so simple they're hardly secret; they're things anyone can do to set themselves up for starting the day off on the on-time foot.

They do a little picking up before bed

Whether you wake up compelled to get your house back in order or seeing a little mess doesn't bother you, waking up to things not quite tidy isn't on your side when it comes to trying to get ready in a timely fashion. Having to dig through piles of clothes to find that one sock you need or having to clean a mug to have your morning coffee — all these little minutes add up. You don't have to scrub the floor before you go to bed, but clear a way through your most traveled corridors so that you don't stumble your way through getting ready.

They do all the thinking the night before

Related to the idea above, people who always seem to leave the house on time might be doing a lot of the work the night before, especially the work that requires a lot of thinking, like what outfit they're going to wear and what they're going to eat for breakfast or lunch. Taking time to make these decisions and do a little prep work will cut out a TON of time in your morning.

They keep everything they need right by the door

No searching for the briefcase, purse, phone or keys — whether they have an ultra organized entryway or not, they've got a small spot that corrals their daily items in one spot so they know where to grab it all in the morning (and it's often the place they dump it all at the end of the day).

They don't swipe, surf or sit before going anywhere

Lounging and watching the morning news, getting sucked into someone's particularly compelling Instagram feed or going down a rabbit hole of high school friend peeping on Facebook — all these things feel like only a few minutes but can end up eating up a surprising amount of time, leaving you with five minutes before you need to leave and discovering you're only half dressed.

They aim for 10 minutes earlier

An oldie but a goodie. Can't seem to get out of your home on time and make it anywhere when you're supposed to? Instead of aiming for the time you think you need to leave...aim for a time 10 minutes before that, so that even if you are running late you're still leaving when you want to. That trick, and tricks like changing your clocks, only work for so long until you adapt and begin doing the mental math, though. So keep yourself on your toes by changing it up week by week.

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