How to Stay Comfortable & Sane Living at Home During a Remodel

How to Stay Comfortable & Sane Living at Home During a Remodel

Taryn Williford
Oct 28, 2015
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You've got the fixer-upper home of your dreams, and you're taking on a big remodel to totally make it your own. You're living the dream, so why does it feel like you're living in a disaster zone? The truth is, living in a home during a big remodel is actually a really hectic process. Here are a few ways to stay sane.

Rethink your Rooms

So the kitchen is out of order for the next several weeks. Not a problem! Move some sleeping arrangements around and plug a fridge, a toaster oven and microwave in to an open bedroom. Get creative with what you use each room for, and you might find you have more workable space than you thought. Your contractor can also help you figure out a "livability" plan while parts of your house are unusable.

Polish Off the Rooms You Are Using

The rooms that aren't being touched–a bedroom, bathroom or another space–give them some extra love during this time. Try a new furniture arrangement or buy the lamp you've been eyeing. These "clean rooms" will be your oasis during the remodel, so make sure they're a polished happy place, even when the rest of the house is chaotic.

Feel At Home in the Outdoors

No matter how well you try to keep your clean rooms clean, dust will seep in. You'll need an outdoor refuge to really escape to. If you have a deck or patio, plan to spend lost of time out there during your remodel (grab a portable heater, if you need to). If not, scope out a local park or other area where you and your family can retreat outdoors. If you're remodeling the kitchen, you'll want to find a spot with a grill you can use, too.

Consider Your Neighbors

The last thing you need during these hectic times is an argy barrage of neighbors complaining about noise or all the extra workers around. A little advance warning to the folks you live with could seriously improve the remodeling experience.

Have you lived at home during a major renovation? Any advice?

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