Tips for Merging Two Households

Tips for Merging Two Households

Kristen Lubbe
Aug 17, 2010

My fiance and I moved in together two years ago and let me tell you — it was an interesting experience. Cohabiting is an interesting time in a relationship, whether it's a significant other or even just a friend. There are things we can do to be prepared for merging households.

Talk: Seems simple, but it's seriously overlooked. Make sure you're on the same page about your expectations. You'll need to know what each other are planning on bringing &mdash especially the big stuff such as furniture.
Plan: Make a plan. Sit down together and figure out a layout for each room (communal areas for roommates, each room for significant others). If you figure out where things will be placed ahead of time, it will save a lot of arguing and headaches. It'll also help save your wallet because you might not run out to purchase something if you know you already have a full room.
Expect the Unexpected: You may be surprised by the extensive troll collection your significant other had tucked away before you decided to move in together. That new built-in shelving in the living room seems like the perfect place to them. Know how to roll with the punches and handle the situation accordingly.
Compromise: There will be the few things that you will not see eye-to-eye on and that's okay. My fiance and I had a few things we didn't agree on, but, he let me have my way on many things because he knew setting up the home meant a lot to me. However, I compromised on the placement of certain items because I knew he really loved them and I learned to live with them!
Mix & Match: Maybe your roommate moved in with some really great curtains, but you have a set as well. Switch them out periodically to let each voice be heard in the communal spaces! This also works really well for throw pillows and blankets &mdash just throw them all on the couch and see what works and what doesn't.

What advice do you have for merging two households?

Image: Julie and Yoffy's Art-Filled Space House Call

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