Tips for Prolonged Sitting?

Tips for Prolonged Sitting?

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 3, 2010

Here's a good question for all your ergonomic experts out there who happen to spend much of their workday sitting for extended periods of time: What are some good ways to avoid injury when you have a big deadline and are unable to leave your seat for hours on end? Is it better to work in an office chair or household sofa away from your desk? And what's the most important factor to consider to protect our lower backs?

We've gone ahead and included a few tips from ergonomic experts, but we'd love to hear what you, our readers, suggest for those of us who find ourselves sitting for long periods more often than not.

Health experts recommend the following:

"The spine is meant to be straight at all times, with a nice arch/curve in the lower part of the back. The neck is designed to be straight and in line with the spine. That's the bottom line. Of course, the spine and back are meant to be very flexible, and can move in all manner of different directions, but the idea is that if you do, it is only for short periods and without much force involved."

Therefore, even sitting on a comfortable office chair for a few hours can be terrible for your back if you're constantly hunching over at the screen and add that extra bend and stress to your spine. Best to take breaks, however inconvenient they may be.

Household sofas also encourage bad posture and over-reaching for the remote because most of us (especially when placed in such a comfortable position) are just too lazy to sit/stand up properly to get things that are far away. This is very bad and risks slipping a disk on your back. We suggest keeping your back straight and using your good ol' legs to get things instead of slouch-leaning. Pillows help too and we've got plenty to choose from if you're looking for a clever tech edge to complement your style.

Got an ergonomic tip to share for prolonged seating postures? Do share and help the rest of us protect our lower backs!

Above, we have the USB Sofa from Cabracega and the Daybed Sofa from MANUELSAEZ.

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