Tips for Sleep Deprived Parents

Tips for Sleep Deprived Parents

Carrie McBride
Jan 12, 2009

Until you go through it, you can't quite understand the sleep-deprived mindset of a new parent. If you're lucky it lasts a few months, if you have a particularly poor sleeper on your hands or several children, you may roam the earth in a zombie-like state for a few years. How to survive? A few tips below the jump...

We came across a great list, 10 Tips on How to Function After a Nearly Sleepless Night, written by Kendra of Shopping for Two and thought they were very useful. Her first tip - showering - is one tip to perk up we've relied on many mornings and it really is revitalizing even after the worst of nights. (Finding even five minutes to shower can be it's own conundrum, but you can try to sneak one in before the baby wakes up, while they nap or, just bring the baby into the bathroom in a bouncy chair and use the shower curtain to play peekaboo.)

Kendra also recommends switching to peppermint soap or shampoo and a quick stroll around the block to get your blood pumping. Find all her tips here. We'd add: doing jumping jacks. It may only be a short-term boost of energy, but it can help in a pinch. What's your best tip for combating sleepless nights and fatigue?

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