Moving Tips: Go the Extra Mile When Friends Help You Move

Moving Tips: Go the Extra Mile When Friends Help You Move

Beth Zeigler
Aug 24, 2010

In the past, I've used friends to help me move and I remember it being pleasurable experience (if you take out the fact that we had to haul a bunch of heavy stuff). On the other hand I've also helped friends move — and it was chaotic to say the least. So I've rounded up my favorite tips for when friends pitch in and help with a move — weigh in with your own, after the jump!

First and foremost, be organized. Don't wait until your friends arrive to finish packing (true story — this sort of thing does happen). Go the extra mile if your friends are helping you move so the process is easy on them — remember, your friends are doing you a BIG favor.

Instead of just asking a handful of friends, get everyone you know to pitch in on moving day. Chances are, everyone will only need to handle a box or two if you have a crowd of folks participating.

Please, don't forget to have plenty of water, beverages and snacks on hand the day of the move.

Delegate tasks so your friends aren't left wondering what they can do to help. Figure out ahead of time, who will carry boxes and who will help you organize the moving van. Hopefully you'll have so many friends pitch in that half can help you move out and the remainder will help you move in.

Afterwards, order pizza, provide beer and enjoy the fact that you're done with the hardest part of the move — your friends will thank you!

If you're using friends to help you move, chances are that you can't pay them (that's what the pizza and beer is for). But, if they were super helpful and you'd like to do something extra, return the favor. If you're skilled at a service they might need, offer your help. As a Professional Organizer, I can think of a few friends that would love my expertise.

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