7 Style Secrets from Rental Bathrooms that You Can’t Spot as Rentals

published Nov 16, 2015
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(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

If you feel confined by your rental home’s boring bathroom, these seven small but beautiful spaces will delight you with their versatile design ideas. Though all of them are located inside of a rental home, you can’t tell because of their bold commitment to style.

1. Add bold pattern to the walls

If you can do any sort of painting in your rental, you might find inspiration in Kristen’s home above. It took her a long time, but she added a gorgeous, bold pattern to her downstairs bathroom thanks to stencils! You could paint your whole space or just do an accent wall to achieve a similarly bold effect.

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

2. Add surprising detail

If you can’t put color up on the walls, add some other surprising detail that might bring luxuriousness into the mix. In Kristen’s upstairs bathroom, a curtain with cute pom-poms and contrast ups the elegance of an almost all-white, simple space.

(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)

3. Add wood

Wood just warms up any space it’s in, and if you’re faced with a bathroom that didn’t come with any notable architectural features, you can bring a certain level of sophistication and visual interest with wood accessories like shelves, trays and more.

(Image credit: Lindsay Tella)

4. Add texture

Don’t neglect texture in your rental bathroom. A little can go a long way and make a non-descript rental bathroom feel rich and full of design.

(Image credit: Carolyn Purnell)

5. Modernize with details

If you’re bummed about an out-of-date design in a rental bathroom, you could go the route of ignoring them and adding your own modern details to the space. From small accessories like trays to larger ones like trashcans, put enough modernity in the space and it might even out or tip over into your favor.

(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

6. Spread color around a blank space

If you’re faced with a lot of whiteness or a lot of beigeness and can’t paint, add color any way that you can, through shower curtains, art, accessories and more. Just be sure to spread the color around the space so the room doesn’t feel weighted and imbalanced.

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

7. Splurge on a bouquet of flowers

Even if everything else in your rental bathroom is a boring bummer, a fresh, colorful, vibrant bouquet of flowers can make a small space sing.