Tips From Your Editor’s Bathrooms

Well it’s the last day of bathroom and kitchen month and we’ve decided to get a little silly (in honour of tomorrow) and take you behind closed doors, specifically behind the bathroom doors of some of your editors here in Los Angeles. Take a peek into our most private spaces and learn some tips for making the most out of this space.

  • My bathroom‘s colour scheme was determined by the Spanish tile. When I was choosing paint colours I had four choices: white, or, taking a cue from the tiles, green, yellow and lilac. My brother pointed out that the yellow and green would make me look sick. I decided on the lilac. It is ridiculously flattering. You cannot look bad in my bathroom. Tip: When you’re choosing paint colours for your own bathroom, consider pinks, lavenders, and warm whites which will reflect off of your skin. Don’t forget to go warm on your lighting too!
  • Gregory and Emily’s bathroom is a bright and cheerful space that displays some of Gregory’s many collectibles. To perk it up even more, Gregory recently stenciled the bathroom floor, a project he completed just before they decided to move! TIp: Put the fun into this functional space. Art and collections can liven up this space and add a little fun to your morning routine.
  • Grace, of course, has a bathroom worthy of a rock star. That tub! The skylight! Tip: Little luxuries add up to a lot in this space. Go for the awesome body wash, the big towels. Indulge in a chandelier.
  • Beth’s bathroom is jaw-droppingly awe inspiring. Only someone who also works as a professional organizer could’ve tackled this amazing stencil job. All we can say is wow! Tip: A bold colour or pattern that might be overwhelming in a larger space is a great choice a tiny bathroom.
  • Check out Mistry‘s bathroom. The fixtures and other elements recede, letting the tile shine. (And, check it out: her tile matches her ironing board!)
  • Tip: If you’re in a rental, don’t fight the tile. Choose a complementary or analagous colour scheme to let the tile shine.