Tips for Creating a Serene Bedroom

Tips for Creating a Serene Bedroom

Amy Azzarito
Mar 17, 2009

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We love this bedroom for young newlyweds that designer Bryant Keller created on a pretty tight budget — the entire project (2+ rooms) was done for under $5,000. Not only is it a space that we could imagine relaxing in, but it also serves multiple functions — Bryant designed an office space across from the foot of the bed. We asked him how he was able to maintain the tranquility of the bedroom while including multiple functions...

Bryant told us that the easiest way to keep things feeling serene in a space is to use one color for everything. Even though there is a lot going on in this room, your eye just sweeps over the entire space. In this room, the color is light blue on the walls, while everything else is white or neutral. In addition, all office items were stored away in white fabric boxes from the Container Store.

From Bryant Keller: Tips for refreshing your bedroom on a budget, also known as, All The Things You Already Know:

  1. Reuse

  2. In this bedroom, the headboard and the chandelier were both painted white, and the bedside lamps got new lamp shades and finials. The painting over the bed was moved in from another room.
  3. Paint

  4. Paint can be the single most important way to update the look of a space. It can be used on walls, ceilings, trim, lamps, furniture...everything can be graced with its magic! If you want a smooth finish or have awkwardly shaped items to paint, use spray paint (i.e. the chandelier).
  5. Bargain Shop

  6. The shelves in this space came from Pottery Barn at 85% off the original cost at the end of the season. The desk was a Pottery Barn floor model which needed to be touched up. It all looks beautiful at the end of the day, and is tied together through being the same color.
  7. Wise Budgeting

  8. Of course, spend money where you need to, but always look for where you can get the same effect without spending top dollar. These curtains are just as pretty as custom-made ones since the color and style are right. Allowing them to puddle on the floor is an easy compromise to perfect height for the several hundreds of dollars saved. Also, throw pillows which won't be used for touching the skin (off they go to the floor each night!) can be had from a discount retailer — try Bed, Bath and Beyond where we picked up these chic sequined pillows.

Thanks, Bryant!

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