3 Tips To Keep Your Lawn & Garden Green While Conserving Water

3 Tips To Keep Your Lawn & Garden Green While Conserving Water

Abby Stone
Aug 22, 2012

The water bans in effect in many parts of the country this summer may have taken a toll on your garden and lawn. I asked landscape designer Chris Lambton of HGTV's Going Yard if he had any tips to share on how to keep your greenery looking, well… green.

Early morning is the best time of day to water your plants: Most people water during the hottest part of the day, thinking that this will help out their poor parched plants. Unfortunately, that means that most of the water evaporates with hardly any getting down to the roots. Or you may think it's best to water late in the day, when things have cooled down. The problem here is that the soil will stay moist all night, setting up a nice environment for fungus to grow. The best time to water is early morning (between approximately 4 and 6 am) when the soil is cool and the water will be able to get down to the roots. You can do it while you have your first cup of coffee, or set the sprinklers on a timer if you don't get up that early!

Say on top of your weeding: Weeds, which also need water to grow, will compete with the plants in your garden for water and nutrients in the soil. The cleaner you keep your garden, the more water and soil nutrients make it to the plants you purposely grew in your garden rather than the ones you don't want there.

Keep trees and shrubs trimmed: Cut off all the lower limbs and branches. These "sucker" limbs take away water from the rest of the plant.

Ready to harvest any vegetables you might have grown? Here's another water-saving tip!

(Image: Loree Bohl from Loree's Dangerously Beautiful Garden)

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