Tips To Remember When The Rains & Floods Come

Tips To Remember When The Rains & Floods Come

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 25, 2010

Two weeks ago Kansas City received a ridiculous amount of rain. Local creeks and streams broke their banks and a little further north rivers were busting at the seams. Many homes suffered flooding and sewer backups from the excess water and one Apartment Therapy reader emailed us with a few tips and suggestions after their basement took on more than 2 feet of water and waste from the sewer lines!

Jennifer and Spencer from Kansas City bought their first home almost one year ago and have since been renovating, refinishing and doing all sorts of projects. Their garage became the only open space to rotate items in and out between projects. The space itself was also in project mode as it was getting new walls and insulation (all of which were ruined in the flooding). Not only did their home suffer from basic flooding, but they also had a sewer line break, meaning... that's not mud on the floor in those photos.

Their cleanup process had to be fast acting, but without being able to get an adjuster to their home within the first 24 hours, something had to be done — here's what Jennifer had to say about their recovery process in case others find themselves in the same unfortunate situation.

• Keep receipts for every purchase you make to clean up...dumpster rental,bottles of bleach, rubber gloves, fans and so forth. Items add up quickly and the amount you have to spend on things will be taken into account if you can prove the dollar amounts you actually put into the cleanup process.
• Take photos of everything and keep a paper or typed digital record of the items that saw damage. We couldn't get an adjuster here for a week because of the floods in Arkansas and Tennessee a few weeks prior, but it was a health hazard to not start clean up and get things thrown out. We kept detailed records of everything that made its way to the dumpster. When our adjuster was finally able to make it we were able to present him with a contact sheet of photos and a disc containing the individual images for review.

• If a water heater is damaged tell the adjuster immediately. Even if they can't get there for a few days they will still most likely approve you to get it fixed since it hinders your standard of living (cold showers suck!). Make sure to check that it's working right away!

Although these things seem like instinct, it can be tricky to remember the importance of each of them when disaster strikes. Have you experienced something similar? Have any tips to add to the pile? Share your thoughts below!

Thanks Jennifer and Spencer!

(Images: Jennifer Brown)

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