'Tis the Season: Locavorism in Winter

'Tis the Season: Locavorism in Winter

Amber Byfield
Dec 3, 2010

With the changing seasons, heading into the winter can seem a bleak prospect for people who like to keep their diets local. While there are plenty of winter greens and lingering fall squash showing up in CSA boxes, we can't help but think back to mid-January last year, when we were lamenting the lack of variety for fresh, local produce. What's a locavore to do? Here's a thought: think outside the box.

Much like the concept of shopping locally, from anywhere, one food writer points out that locavores can have it both ways.

In a piece she wrote for NPR, Peggy Bourjaily points out that for one winter, she managed to get through winter eating only the local food offerings—and in essence, vowed to never do so again. Since then, she's allowed her rules to shift ever so slightly, so that she takes advantage of a grocery store, purchasing fair-trade bananas and other fruits that are at their peak elsewhere in the world.

Many true locavores may scoff at purchasing fruits from thousands of miles away in the winter; but we like that these food "rules" can be so widely adapted. We are careful to eat sustainable, organic, and local foods that carry a light environmental impact, so we think it's ok to bend the rules now and again.

What do you think? Are you a strict locavore, or do you eat locally, but allow yourself some wiggle room?

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(Image: thebittenword.com, licensed under Creative Commons.)

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