TiVo for Blackberry: Set Recordings From Anywhere!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

TiVo is great! Being able to control television shows to play when you want them is a 21st-century luxury we couldn’t do without. But, as with most things, it could always use some improvement…

It’s great to be able to set our living room TiVo to record our favorite series or to catch that awards show that’s sure to have some water-cooler-talking-point moments.

But sometimes the moment we need to set our TiVo the most is when we’re already out of the house or away on a trip and thinking, “Damn! I wanted to watch that!”

Problem solved. Research in Motion announced that, along with TiVo, they’re launching a “TiVo for Blackberry” application. The app allows ‘berry faithfuls with a TiVo set-top box to control their program guide and set recordings from their cell phone.

To grab this app, visit www.blackberry.com/tivo through your Blackberry browser or head to this page and enter an email address that’s integrated with your BlackBerry smartphone to get a link sent to you.