This Little-Known T.J.Maxx Fact Is a Total Game-Changer

published Dec 26, 2018
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I go back and forth in my love for discount stores. When you go and find an amazing deal, you don’t just feel lucky—you feel like a genius for being smart enough to scour the store and find just what you needed, without paying full price like those other fools. Combining the rush of a shiny new object with pride for your perseverance is celebration-worthy.

Then again, when you go and walk out with $75 dollars worth of things you didn’t really need in the first place, you stop feeling so smart.

Since the thrill of the hunt—glory of finding, agony of defeat—is part of the process, I was shocked when I learned this little-known fact about T.J.Maxx: You can shop online! And when it comes to home goods, there’s an impressive array of options.

Imagine still getting all the glory, without wasting your gas or your energy on a trip to the store? Amazing! Historically, most of these discount stores didn’t put their wares online (presumably because the stock varies from store to store). And the in-store discovery was part of the process that made each deal feel like a real win.

The site does a good job of still making you feel like you’re in on the secret: The best deals have an “almost gone” button that elicits the same thrill of grabbing the last whatnot off the shelves, and a “reveal designer” button on products from bigger-name designers makes you feel like you discovered it all yourself. Plus, the inventory is updated daily, so you’ll get something different every time you log on. Shipping is fairly standard (starts at $9, but there are often promotions to make it free).

Here’s a look at some of the best home goodies I almost added to my cart today.

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(Image credit: T.J.Maxx)
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(Image credit: T.J.Maxx)

5. Mirrored C Table, $49.99

(Image credit: T.J.Maxx)

So you can quit feigning a doctor’s appointment to sneak out of work to shop. You now have a new spot to scan for bargain-price home products—right from your desk or couch.

Have you shopped T.J.Maxx online? What sorts of deals have you found?

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