TJ Maxx Is Selling the Cutest $8 Strawberry Mug For Spring (You’ll Want Like 5!)

published Mar 10, 2024
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TJ Maxx storefront
Credit: Shutterstock/Helen89

TJ Maxx and its sister stores have changed the game when it comes to food-shaped decor. The strawberry garden stool arrived in stores in 2021, and there wasn’t a moment when it wasn’t shown in a viral TikTok video. Hopefully you’re not tired of strawberry-themed decor, because this new item will have you feeling like Strawberry Shortcake.

In a TikTok by @nicocodiaz, the adorable strawberry-shaped mug was spotted on a shelf at TJ Maxx among other pastel fairy-like tea cups. According to the bottom of the mug, it’s priced at $8, which is an easy excuse to buy more than one cup.

If you take a closer look at the mug, you’ll notice that it has a matching lid that resembles the leafy top of a strawberry and a green handle. When you’re drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee, this lid will be super convenient for keeping the beverage warm, so this mug is automatically a must-have. It’s safe to say that this mug is probably dishwasher-safe, but be cautious if you’re placing it inside the microwave.

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods are great stores for gift shopping until you realize that every store has different products in stock, so this mug might not be available at your local store. But don’t worry — World Market has a ceramic strawberry cup that will be a super-cute substitute. The ceramic mug is $9, so you won’t be spending a ridiculously different amount (and it can ship straight to your door!).

If you’re sold on adding the strawberry mug with its accompanying lid to your collection of coffee cups, then make your way to TJ Maxx ASAP! This adorable mug won’t last long on shelves.