18 Tweets Only True Maxxinistas Will Understand

published Feb 21, 2020
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Credit: Lumina/Stocksy

Maybe you cruise into T.J. Maxx on Wednesday mornings right after they do the markdowns. Or perhaps the beauty clearance aisle is your go-to happy place. Whether you love a bargain or you just happen to find yourself sniffing around in the candle aisle on the reg, here are a collection of funny tweets that describes your shopping experience. 

When you get a little bit rowdy: 

Because they love to write words on everything:

When the children are clearly our future:

Since the candle aisle is like the Bermuda Triangle that you can’t leave without buying something:

When you’ve got a sick ride but still love a bargain:

When you’ve got mad swagger in your leisure wear:

When it’s basically a collector’s item:

Because the dressing room lighting is on point:

When you’re an expert in ancestry:

When you’re a political expert:

Because your home is super chill and you want the decor to match:

When you get a day off work:

Fuel for your nightmares:

Because you just had a brilliant idea:

Because it takes Ninja Warrior-level tactics to avoid buying something extra in the checkout line:

When you’re proud to be a Maxxinista: 

When contestants on “The Bachelor” have definitely hung out in the mug aisle:

Because you celebrate where you came from: