Seed Starting: Toilet Paper Tubes For Your Garden

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Toilet paper rolls can have all sorts of uses, but ever since this time last year, we’ve been saving them to start seedlings. It’s easier than you think and makes the transition to your garden a smooth one!

This idea isn’t a new one, but it never hurts to refresh our memories after a long winter. The idea is simple: just cut a few slits in the bottom of the tube and fold them over to create a little pod for your new seeds to grow.

A few weeks after things germinate, it will be time to plant them in larger pots or outside if weather and temperatures permit. The best part? The entire tube can be planted! It’ll decompose in the soil. It’s a great way to get your garden started inside and save at the nursery on buying larger plants! You Grow Girl has more details on this simple project.

(Image: You Grow Girl)