This Under $10 Product Is for People Who Hate Touching the Toilet Seat

published May 23, 2019
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Even if you’ve memorized bathroom cleaning hacks and perhaps invested in a self-cleaning toilet that dutifully discards waste and disinfects itself at the same time, it’s still cringe-worthy to have to touch the seat to lift and lower.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to this commode-related conundrum: an anti-microbial toilet seat handle called the the Lifty Loo. Currently on Kickstarter, the tool allows users to lift and lower the lid in a manner that is super convenient and—most importantly—hygienic.

Credit: Courtesy of Lifty Loo

Unlike the act of cleaning toilets, this nifty seat handle is easy to get excited about, and you don’t even have to be an extreme germophobe or a pro-house cleaner to appreciate it.

On the back of the handle is a peel-off adhesive strip to ensure that the Lifty Loo securely yet semi-permanently sticks to the toilet seat. The handle can be easily removed without damaging wooden or plastic surfaces. Peel off the backing, place it according to your toilet lid-lifting preferences and breathe a deep sigh of relief at not touching the surface.

Credit: Courtesy of Lifty Loo

The inventors tout the Lifty Loo as a way to get kids to remember to lift and lower accordingly, plus it’s also presented as a means of improving public restroom etiquette (because exposure to strangers’ unsightly bathroom habits must be stopped).

The under-$10 product is also sturdy, which enables it to be easily lifted with a foot. So far, the founders have met over a third of their $10,000 goal, so for the sake of toilet germ-free hands, check out the Lifty Loo campaign page for various pledge options. If fully funded, the product is estimated to ship in September 2019.