Tom's DIY Standing Desk: Smartly Put Together

Tom's DIY Standing Desk: Smartly Put Together

Range Govindan
May 9, 2011

The quandary that most people face when deciding to try out standing desks is that most of the solutions that we've seen can quickly get quite expensive for something that looks decent. This isn't the case for this DIY standing desk, which uses some IKEA tech and some stuff from your hardware store to look unique, effective, and handsome. Tom also puts in some finishing touches, to make it look that much better.

Tom recently hacked himself together a standing desk, which looks pretty good and comfortable. Without spending too much money, he's ready to work standing up thanks to some ingenuity. We've mentioned Tom before, when he was created a Mac cubby hole in his home office. This time around, he decided to hack himself a standing desk from an IKEA Effectiv filing cabinet.

While Tom used this as a base, you can use pretty much anything you like that's the right height. Different filing cabinets, cupboards, and bookshelves could be easily used with the same result. The advantage of such a base is that it can serve as storage for your peripherals and allow you to keep things nice and tidy.

A lot of love went into this standing desk to make it stand out. The tabletop (35×24×1") is made out of solid ash, which was sanded, waxed, and then polished. For a different look, you could also stain it. He used 11-inch table legs to get the tabletop to the right height. He picked these up at a local hardware store. A smaller board was propped up using similar 4-inch table legs. This was done so that the monitor rests at eye-level.

He added a basket for cable management, some Bluelounge CableDrops to keep the cables of his MacBook from falling off the desk when detached, and two IKEA Jansjö LED lights to illuminate the keyboard and any book he might need. He props up his books on a Bookchair. His laptop rests in a TwelveSouth BookArc. Some extra lighting in the form of some LED Dioder strips could be added as well. The best place for them would be behind the desk or behind the monitor to give off some ambient lighting.

The overall project was completed fairly quickly. It was just a waiting game so that all of the components would arrive. Also, the wood needed two treatments that needed to be spaced out by at least 8-10 hours. The result is a simple yet distinctive standing desk that serves its purpose without breaking the bank.

(Image: Flickr member Tom Borowski licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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