Tom’s New Home Office With Mac Cubby Hole

Tom recently moved into a new place and had to set up his home office. Since he works from home, it had to be quite efficient. His office looks very cozy and he topped it off with a neat little secondary workstation for his Mac made out of an IKEA Ludvig.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Tom lives in Bavaria, Germany, and heads up Keyboard Kahuna, where he designs and creates cheat sheets for your favorite Mac apps. This means that he needs to have all of his equipment at home so that he can fill orders when they come in. His main desk is an L-shaped affair which has two 30-inch monitors that are connected to a Mac Pro hidden underneath the desk. Tucked away, you can find some audio recording equipment, as well as a mixer and a microphone boom.

He made himself a gigantic 3×10-foot DIY magnetic whiteboard, which he uses for sketching out ideas and brainstorming. He placed some neat IKEA halogen lamps on the top of his whiteboard so that he can use this easily anytime. His work area is surrounded by IKEA Billy bookshelves. A second desk is located near a window for paperwork. This keeps his work area clean and uncluttered.

He’s also has got an Ekornes Stressless armchair for reading, relaxing, and the occasional nap. He’s even hidden away an extra workstation in the form of an IKEA Ludvig. We really like this spacious home office, which is perfect for people who do a lot of design work at home.

[photos by Tom Borowski via CC license]