Great Tool For the Holidays: Just Laugh

Great Tool For the Holidays: Just Laugh

Laure Joliet
Dec 1, 2008

This was the scene about 10 minutes before people were coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. And yes that is the dining room table completely disassembled on the floor. Even the dog was concerned. And it all reminded me of a very good lesson:

And that is the lesson that sometimes things don't go according to plan and then I can either stress or roll with it.

When the table wouldn't pull apart for all of its leaves to get fit into it, I saved the task for my very capable boyfriend. I hadn't expected to turn around and see the table in pieces on the ground. I was trying not to stand over him sweating and breathing down his neck in a crescendo of 'is it fixed yet?'. After all I had a table to set and how was I going to do that when this was happening?

The best way I've figured out how to roll with things is to laugh about it or find humor in the situation at hand. Once I realized that it was sort of hysterical that we might not have a table for Thanksgiving I wasn't stressed anymore. People would eat in their laps or around the coffee table and it would be a memorable thanksgiving. (Also, did I mention that the lamp above the table got shattered in the whole situation too? Wasn't expecting that either...)

It all ended up fine and we sat around the table with all of its leaves in and feasted for hours, sailing right over the speed bumps from earlier in the day.

The holidays can be a time of elevated expectations and stress but that doesn't mean it can't still be fun (and funny). What's the most unexpected road bump you've experienced when inviting people over and how did you manage to stay calm?

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