Toothpaste Bowl Final: Day 39

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

All good things…. SKGR had come to hate our morning ritual of obsessively photographing the tube so much, that she was not sad to see it all end this morning.

Alas, for us, it is not without sadness that just shy of it’s 40th birthday, our loyal tube of toothpaste gave up its last drop after having it’s body throttled, squeezed, rolled and twisted into increasingly uncomfortable positions for over a month.

So who won the betting? Unbelievably, no one took 39 days, but it looks like kudos go to Mary for guessing 40 and Ruth for pegging 37.

Interestingly, if you average all 15 votes, you get exactly 40.5, so – as a group – everyone did extremely well, and proved that we all know a lot more about inconsquential, mundane facts than we should. MGR