Top 10: Party Lighting Ideas

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Workhorses

Use white tea lights in great quantities along window sills, tables and hallways:
Roly-Poly votives
White sake cups
Chunky glass candleholders
Rotera lanterns for outside
Galej votives

Use pillar candles in small groupings down the middle of the dining and coffee table (avoid colored or scented candles):

Dramatic Twists

• Attach white X-Mas lights to ceiling and allow to hang straight down
Place uplights along walls or in corners with halogen floods
• If you have one, light your fireplace!
Put table and floorlamps on dimmers and keep them low

Party Tricks and Pure Fun

Clementine candles: Cut skin 1/2 way around. Gently remove fruit. Fill 1/2 hollow skin that has center nub of skin with olive oil. Let soak 3 minutes. Light “wick.” Make round hole in other 1/2 skin. Gently place on top to make lantern. Slideshow here.
Cool Neon Techno Strobes

– Beeswax pillars from the Union Square farmer’s market

(ReEdited from 2005-12-06 – MGR)