Top 10: Really (Insultingly) Simple Green Tips

Top 10: Really (Insultingly) Simple Green Tips

Stephanie Kinnear
Sep 13, 2007

Sometimes we're lazy. Sometimes you're lazy. Sometimes it feels like "going green" takes a lot of time and a lot of money. But that's just not true.

There's a lot we can do that takes very little brain power and very little cash. So here's the beginning of a list of super simple green things we can all do in our homes. Forget building a compost bin from salvaged plywood (for a second) and let's focus on the ridiculously simple green steps that take less than 30 minutes to accomplish.

Please add as many as you can think of!

• Wash your clothes in cold water. It saves energy and all you have to do is turn a dial. -- via the fabulous Chris & Nyla (of Chris & Nyla's Passive Solar Cottage)

• "Don't stand there with the refrigerator door open. You're wasting electricity." Decide what you want to eat before you open the fridge. (See, we're talking, really simple here.) -- via my mom

• Throw out your toxic cleaners (responsibly). Find out where you can take hazardous waste in your community and get rid of all of it. Slowly replace with non-toxic cleaners. -- via Kevin Contreras, host of Building Green

• Go to the library. (Yes, go to the library. How many books do you need to own?) We suppose this might take longer than 30 minutes, depending on how close you are to a library. Still, it's pretty simple. -- via the Sierra Club's Green Life Blog

• You've heard it before: Replace one incandescent with this CFL. -- via Everyone You Know & Danny Seo @ Simply Green

• If you have a lawn, when you mow (with a push, or electric mower, hopefully), don't bag the clippings. Just leave them on your lawn. -- via Ideal Bite.

• Bundle up and turn your thermostat down a little during the colder months. -- via Green As a Thistle

Cool clock image via Witold Barski

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