Top 10 Things To Do During Nesting Month

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s September and your apartment has been neglected all summer. Now you want to get your apartment in shape by the end of the month. What are you going to do? The following are our suggestions for small but powerful things you can do in the next three weeks. Choose one, a few or stretch for all of them and add your own. Deadline: Monday, October 2.

  • Cleaning
    • Clean out your fridge
    • Wipe down & vacuum entire apartment, including behind and under large objects
    • Wash all your bedding, flip your mattress, vacuum and dust around bed
    • Fix one thing that has long been broken
  • Decluttering
    • Sort & giveaway 25% contents of three closets
    • Sort & giveaway 25% contest of book or CD or DVD collection
    • Establish “front hall” landing strip and move all mail, bills, keys, wallets, cell phones, etc to that area after sorting carefully
  • Renewing
    • Buy fresh flowers for your apartment (office too)
    • Buy a cozy, new set of sheets for the colder months ahead
    • Replace one element of your home that you consider drab and old, with something new, colorful and exciting.