Top 10 Traditional Holiday Cards

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

For years I sent out “Happy Winter” cards. This wasn’t an effort to stay non-denominational, rather an “I can’t get these done during the holidays” maneuver. Here’s a round up of some of my traditionally styled favorites this year. May you have better luck than I in getting them out before February.

1. Oak Wreath Note Cards from Ilee
2. Happy Holidays Cards from Humunuku
3. Give Thanks Cards from Maple and Belmont
4. Block Printed Holiday Cards from Katherine Watson
5. Holiday Letterpress Cards from Flora and Fauna

6. Peace on Earth Card from Molly Jacques
7. Snowy Pinecone Cards from Echo Letterpress
8. Holiday Wishes Card from Parrott Design Studio
9. Happy New Year Cards from Brooklyn Bookbinder
10. Peace Holiday Cards from Steel Petal Press

(images: as linked above)