Top 10 TV Dads From Then & Now

Top 10 TV Dads From Then & Now

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 4, 2010

With Father's Day right around the corner, we thought we'd throw together a few of our favorite TV Dads. Even if you're not big into sitting around the boob tube, we're guessing most of the men on this list will still be familiar. They made us laugh, they made us cry and most of all, they made a lasting impression!

Over at Woman's Day, they've been busy compiling a list of their Top 10 TV Dads and although we're fans of several of them, we had a few of our own to add to the list. Check out the choices below, and make sure to add your own beloved TV pop in the comments below!

Ours: Top Row, Left To Right
Jay Pritchett: This Modern Family Dad started entertaining us on Married With Children and has continued to win us over every week. Even if you don't watch TV, this is one to find online!
Henry Spencer: Although the USA show Psych isn't aimed at children, it's a cross between Scooby Doo and Friends. The father-son bond between Henry and his son Shawn is one of tough love that comes through time and time again.
John Walton: In our experience, some watched Little House on the Prairie growing up and others watched The Waltons. We're pretty sure we've seen every single episode ending in "g'night John-Boy" and John Walton not only had time to run a saw mill, but keep his large family in line and straight as arrows.
Charles Ingalls: If we mention John Walton, Charles Ingalls has to be close behind. Any man that works multiple jobs so the ladies in his life can have a better home is aok with us!
Carl Winslow: The Winslow house always had something crazy going on and Carl always kept everyone grounded. We can still picture his "annoyed at Steve Urkel face" ... man those were good times.

Theirs: Bottom Row, Left To Right
• Bill Cosby
• Mike Brady
• Herman Munster
• Hank Hill
• Danny Tanner
See the full list of 10 here

(Image: Woman's Day, ABC, USA, The-Waltons, IMDB)

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