Top 10: Wallpaper & Graphics

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Pic: Hanna Werning

With the explosion of wallpaper and wall decor lately, we’ve had difficulty keeping track of it all and categorizing them properly. Today we are therefore adding a new category: Wallpaper and Graphics, which you will find in the Archive.

Wallpaper by Timorous Beasties (UK)
Hybrid Wallpaper by Nice (UK)
Cowboy Wallpaper from Cath Kidston (UK)
Walldecoration by Toni Kjeld (DK)
Explosive Wallpaper by Maxalot
Animalflowers by Hanna Werning (DK)
Traditional Wallpaper by Farrow Ball
Flavorpaper by Flavor League
Wallcoverings by Eijffinger (NL)
Wallpaper by Twenty2
Wallpaper by Nama Rococo

Wallbands by Twenty2 (US)
Wallter by Fold (US)
Wallpaper Tiles by Mioculture
Surface Graphics by Blik
Wall Graphics by Vinyl
Vinyl Letters by Wonderful Graffitti

(Re-edited 07-09-17-JR)