Top 10 Flower Varieties

Top 10 Flower Varieties

Abby Stone
Mar 14, 2008

The first time we cured our home, and encountered the directive to "buy flowers," we procrastinated: we were between jobs; we needed the money for other things; we were never home enough to enjoy them. But, one week, we added a bouquet to our groceries and saw how it made a difference in how we perceived our home. Now we're addicted; we watch for new flowers along with the changing seasons. Available everywhere from supermarkets to high end florists, here's a rundown of some of our favorites and how to care for them...

Carnations: Much maligned, these are worth a second look. And we love the smell.To know: Try the variegated ones. But stick with a color scheme.
Try them: Tightly packed in a round bowl; float one, cut high, in a saucer.
Available: All year round. A personal favorite.

Daisy: Margaritas or Gerbers?
To know: Place stems in hot water briefly to prevent droop.
Try them: Keep them casual in a rough vase. A few Gerbers is plenty; have fun mixing and matching the colors in a few Gerbers.
Available: Year round but best in summer.

Iris: Tall and majestic, they say "spring" to us.
To know: Cut them all at the same height. Help them open by sticking a finger in the top; blow gently.
Try them: In a tall rectangular vase. Get two bunches. Don't fuss. Stick 'em in a great vase and leave it at that.
Available: Available year round.

Lilac: We love their fragrance...and their color.
To know: Fragile with a short lifespan. Look for tight buds. Crush the stems and keep the water level high. A fleeting pleasure.
Try them: in your biggest glass vase.
Available: They're at their best, and last the longest, in spring.

Lily: Drama queen. All the time.
To know: The pollen stains; remove with a tissue. Stargazers and Casablancas have strong perfumes. Be warned.
Try them: a single stem in a simple vase is all you need for old-fashioned glamour.
Available: all year round.

Orchid: Decorator cliche. With good reason.
To know: Surprisingly hardy, they need minimal water. Good for forgetful types.
Try them: Simply. In a pot. Where their sculptural beauty can shine.
Available: year round. We love that they're now available everywhere. We get ours at Trader Joes.

Peony: Voluptuous and fragrant.
To know: Coax tight buds open by massaging them in warm water.
Try them: In a simple vase. Let the flower do the work here.
Available: In winter and late spring; spring is also a good time to plant if you have bought young container-grown plants.

Rose: What other flower says romance better?
To know: Treat buds like peonies. Crush stems slightly; cut on the diagonal under running water.
Try them: casually, in a cup.
Available: year round, prices peak on Feb. 14.

Sunflowers: Van Gogh's pick.
To know: Try the daisy hot water trick here. Don't forget to remove the leaves.
Try them: in big bunches, in a your biggest, heaviest vase.
Available: in late summer and fall, they're cheery anytime.

Tulips: Dutch choice.
To know: They bend towards the light, so make sure to turn your arrangement daily.
Try them: in a vase in a complementary color.
Available: Best in spring.

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