Top Apple Apps to Organize Your Life in 2012

Top Apple Apps to Organize Your Life in 2012

Mike Tyson
Jan 18, 2012

New year, new you. If you're still hoping to clean up your act in the new year, maybe some cheap/free apps will help you along your way. Theres nothing better than finding a well designed piece of software that can greatly improve your daily life on the computer by helping you organize information or achieve tasks easier than before. After the jump we've collected some of the most popular productivity apps that will hopefully do just that for you.

Dayone $9.99
What better time to start a journal than a turn of the new year? Dayone is a deceivingly sophisticated journal app for your computer and mobile applications. One of the biggest issues with keeping journals is making it easy enough to write in. Dayone has covered all the bases by integrating smart features like menu bar quick entry, reminder systems, calendar view, and more. It also has Dropbox integration for syncing.

Sparkbox $19.99
Forget iPhoto. Sparkbox proves to be the next best thing in image management. Some of the handy features includes the Safari Websnap extension integration. If there is a blog page full of images you want to save for later, in a single click you can have them all downloaded and ready to categorize in Sparkbox. There are also color-coded image searches, and a brilliant tagging/highlighting feature which allows you to annotate images with your thoughts. All of this comes packed in clean UI which will fit right in with other Mac software.

BeHealthy Free
BeHealthy is not only concerned with your time spent on your work, but the time spent away from work as well. Using a very simple timer feature, BeHealthy can schedule you eye breaks which you're able to "postpone" for a minute if you can't step away at that very instant. The app is very unintrusive (until it needs to be) and does one (important) thing, but one thing well.

Fantastical $19.99
Fantastical is intended to be a supplemental tool to your iCal, Google Calendar, BusyCal, Entourage, or Outlook. What makes Fantastical special is its incredibly fast and intuitive method of inputing new events (and having that input sync easily). Open up Fantastical from your menubar and begin typing a short sentence for your event like "pick up the kids from school at 3." and Fantastical will parse/input that data into an event for your favorite calendar application. If you've been having trouble adding dates to your current calendar because you've found it to be too cumbersome, this might be your answer.

So easy, a 13 year old can use (and review it on YouTube).

Things $49.99
No doubt the priciest of the apps mentioned here but this is a biggie of real importance: a task manager. For a student it can be your homework book, for a professional, your daily tasks at work, and for everyone, your personal checklist for everything from buying flowers for the anniversary to remembering to write that blog post before bed. Things has been around for a little while now and they still seem to be considered one of the top dogs in task management (and for good reason!) We highly recommend giving it a try and seeing if the intuitive task input/management system works for you.

(Images: Flickr member Fabio Bruna and Rain Rabbit licensed for use by Creative Commons.)

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