Top 5 Baby Shower Ideas

Top 5 Baby Shower Ideas

Sarah Rae Smith
May 7, 2009

After reading through the wealth of information everyone chimed in with, on our When Baby Showers Go Wrong post (there's currently 58 comments!), there were a few ideas that really stood out to us that we hadn't heard, or seen in action before. From all of your great words of wisdom we chose 5 of our favorite baby shower ideas that sounded like excellent advice. Click through the jump to see if your comment was one of them!

1. Unwrap Presents As Guests Come In: LaughingSara left us a great suggestion. She was recently the hostess at a baby shower and as guests came into the party, she greeted them and then steered them towards a table where the parents-to-be were opening the gifts that was brought on the spot. It means that each guest is greeted personally, receives a little 1 on 1 time with the new parents, allowing them to give an intimate thank you for the gift that was brought. The gifts were then displayed on a table so everyone could see as they came by!

2. Send Out Fabric Squares With Invitations: cbraden7 gave us the idea of sending out fabric squares with the invitations. They could be all different colors, or coordinate with the new nursery or home. Guests are asked to decorate the squares before arriving and can be sewn together to make anything from pillows to quilts or mobiles and wall art. If you happen to have someone on hand that's quick with a sewing machine, we think you could even stitch up a quilt or pillow on site for all to see before returning home!

3. Bring A Children's Book - Susie-Q suggested having each guest bring a children's book to the shower. They could be displayed for all to see, read and enjoy and then the parents-to-be have a great start to a library. Plus it should give the new parents a wide range of books that they might not be able to afford otherwise.

4. Host A Seed Packing Bee - cottage-industrialist shared her story about hosting a seed packing bee for the new parents instead of traditional gift giving. This would be fantastic for a family with an outdoor space ready for planting. Year after year you'd have new flowers to remind you of the days leading up to pregnancy. Which might come in handy when you've just spent an hour with a Magic Eraser wiping crayon off the walls!

5. Treat A Baby Shower Like The Superbowl - jensational had a great comparison of thinking about your baby shower like you would the Superbowl. Sure there will be die hard people that want to do traditional shower-y type things, but there will also be people that want to stand around and chat and have snacks. Make sure that your shower is an open environment that allows people to do things that they feel comfortable with. Make sure there's something for everyone and an enjoyable atmosphere is sure to follow!

Thank you to all that chimed in with your tips, tricks, secrets and crafty ideas for making a baby shower a success!

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