5 Reasons Why Every Long-Term Traveler Should Blog

5 Reasons Why Every Long-Term Traveler Should Blog

Smith Schwartz
Feb 28, 2012

My husband and I are full-time travelers. Since we both work online and don't have a fixed address, we often say that we've relocated to the Internet. While it's a clever quip when you're meeting new friends at a party, it really has started to resonate with me in a real way. We move around quite often, so lots of our social activity takes place online and blogging has been a big part of that. Here's why I think everyone who has the chance to spend some time on the road or living abroad should make a little time to write about it online.

My current 'blog office' at The Country Store Cafe in Panama City, Panama.

  1. Keep in touch. Blogs are an easy way to keep friends and family updated on where you are in real time. Folks back home get to hear how you're doing, so they're not constantly worried that the worst has happened, and they have a fun time traveling along with you, vicariously.
  2. Write your own personal history. You'll always have your blog to look back on once you've returned home. Blogging forces you to evaluate your life in a way that you don't normally have to, and gives you time and space for personal reflection that can be valuable when you're roady weary.
  3. Make friends IRL. There's an amazing community of bloggers of all types already out there. Did someone else's blog help you figure out an archaic system in a new city? Send them a note-- or better yet, invite them for coffee! Having your own blog to send along with your invitation will give the other person a little insight about who you are.
  4. Find a place to crash. If you plan on using services like as Airbnb, Couchsurfing or MindMyHouse, having a blog gives your future landlord a little insight into who you are and if you're a good fit for their home. Having your own database of info at the ready makes for a quick and easy transaction.

  5. Make your mark. Think there are already too many blogs out there? Wrong. Everyone travels and experiences the world differently, and what you've seen and done could prove to be quite helpful in the future. We've relied heavily on many blogs, and I hope that the community continues to grow and more people join in the discussion in the future.

(Images: Smith Schwartz)

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