Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Throw a Garage Sale

updated Jun 5, 2019
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Though it might not sound as fun as throwing a party or decorating your outdoor area, a lucrative garage sale can be a blast to have (and the extra money in your pocket a nice bonus). This post is for the folks who need some persuading that spending some time this summer gathering and selling their unwanted home items is a good idea!

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Over the next ten weeks, we’ll give you the step-by-step guide you need to gather all your unwanted items, organize them, price them and then tell everybody about your garage sale! Take it one step at a time and this will be easy and fun to do. Still not convinced you want to spend some of your precious summer time on this task? Here are the top five reasons why you should throw a garage sale:

1. Get rid of things you no longer need
Without doubt, this should be the main goal. Uncluttering unneeded items from your house helps to eliminate stress and sure makes moving much less strenuous. If you’ve had trouble letting go of certain items in the past, the reasons listed below might finally help you come to peace with parting with certain items.

2. See the joy in other people delighting in your old stuff
There are lots of ways you can get items you don’t want out of your house. But throwing something away means adding to a landfill, and donating them means not knowing who ends up with your formerly-beloved stuff. But selling an unwanted-to-you item to someone whose face has lit up from finding just the thing they were looking for is an awesome feeling and an easier way to part with old favorites.

3. Make a little extra dough
You’re probably not going to be putting a down payment on a house with the money you make from a garage sale, but a little extra dough has never hurt anyone.

4. Make room for the things you really love
The best part of getting rid of stuff you don’t love is making room for things you might love even more. No — the purpose of a garage sale is not to fund a more stuff-buying mission, but finally selling something you’re not completely in love with frees you and your home up for finding an item you do adore.

5. Meet neighbors and fellow deal-lovers
You’ll meet all kinds of interesting characters coming through to peruse your stuff, and meeting neighbors is a definite bonus. But be sure and inquire from your garage sale goers about their favorite places to score deals — you never know what kind of insider flea market and furniture deal secrets you might score!

Now it’s your turn to do the persuading! Tell us why you’ve thrown a garage sale in the past — and share the lessons you learned while doing it. Let’s turn the comments section below into an encouraging (and cautionary) section to help others tackle their garage sales this summer!

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