Here’s What Our Readers Loved (& Bought) from Amazon in 2017

published Dec 28, 2017
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This past year, we recommended what is likely thousands of products for the home. From decorative pillows and throws to paints and game-changing life improvers. It’s fascinating to look back on the year and see what really resonated with you guys…what was interesting enough to hit “add to cart” and spend your hard-earned money. If you’re as curious as we are to learn what the Apartment Therapy community is buying in droves, read on for the top 15 totally unexpected products—do you all own salt lamps?—our readers purchased from Amazon this year.

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You guys know how to party

Let’s start things off right with my favorite Amazon occurrence, the all-caps review that barely warrants one cap:


Love it.

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A multi-hyphenate that truly shines

This light seems incredibly handy—even more so than those little tap lights—but the true joy lies in the product images, which appear to be stills from an android horror movie.

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No more splishin’ and a-splashin’

I feel like those of you who ordered this really have your life together, and I salute you for it.

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Whatever helps, at this point

It’s amazing that over 12,500 people own this salt lamp, and that so many of them tout its health benefits. I don’t know if the science is there, but after the year we’ve had, if a pretty pink glow provides some sort of comfort, I’m all for it.

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“Great For Rock Painting”

Sadly, despite Sharpie’s headline, only two reviewers mentioned painting on rocks. Get on it, everyone!

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Because intentional fuzziness is fine, accidental fuzziness just looks sloppy

We reviewed this product a few months ago and…you were listening! Go on, defuzz your life!

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Colorforms for art-lovers

This book looks amazingly calming, but beware: a few reviewers described it as “addicting.” (This also happens to be the top-selling item from our 2017 Holiday Gift Guides.)

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Because there’s nothing more satisfying than cleaning a hairbrush perfectly

We wrote about this tool as part of 6 Genius Things You Don’t Have in Your Bathroom, But Should. Of course, I’ve never actually cleaned a brush perfectly, because I don’t own one of these. The reviews are amazing, but one customer’s question stopped me in my tracks:

Fortunately, one Teresa Fairchild came to the rescue:

You will need a Hair Brush Cleaner Cleaner. I sell them.

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“Unlike traditional cleaning mats, this product is shaped like an attractive butterfly.”

This helpful and affordable invention earned 85% 5-star reviews, 13% 4-star, 2% 3-star, and zero 2-and 1-star reviews, one of the best ratios I’ve ever seen on Amazon. Happy customers call it “brilliant,” “fantastic,” “PERFECT,” “cute,” and “fabulous.”

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Eliminate the number one cause of marital dissonance for less than $4

Among the rave reviews for this super-handy little gadget is one of my favorite lines ever written:

How have I lived my life without one of these before.

I like to imagine this person expressing ecstatic emotion in a flat affect in all areas of their life: in their wedding vows, when their child is born, when their team wins the championship. “I’m thrilled. How wonderful. This is the greatest moment of my life.”

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When Saran wrap and Barbie BandAids simply won’t do

I love when there’s an unpredictable trend in the reviews. To wit:

I did put this up by myself. I am short, and had no problems doing it.

I’m a short, 50something female and I had no problem applying this film.

I am short and i can do it easy

the 3M brand makes the job go faster with less frustration, even for this 65-yr-old short female

As thrown as I am by women referring to themselves as females, it’s great that applying this film is easy, no matter one’s height.

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In case you want to reenact the Gap scene from Reality Bites

I need all of you who bought this to tell the rest of us everything. How often do you use it? Do you breathe a satisfied sigh every time you spot a stack of perfectly folded trousers? Do you fold every item of clothing the moment it is removed from the dryer? Is this causing issues in your relationships? Tell all! Our own reviewer exclaimed, “I cannot stop re-folding all the things.”

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Because people don’t need to find out you’re a cat person until you tell them.

A pet hair brush that truly works is worth its weight in gold, so $14.95 is a bargain. Our reviewer said it “might just change your life”. Here’s one of many very enthusiastic reviews on Amazon:

I had this style of brush a few years ago made by another company, and it worked great for lifting pet fur from fabrics. But after the dog ate it, I settled for using duct tape or those “peel-off tape” roller brushes . . . Well, the brush works even better than I’d remembered this style working. It feels good and works WELL in either hand . . .”

I have questions about the dog—the dog ate it?!?—but I’m so happy there’s a garment brush for left-handed people!

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100 tips sure to bring order and beauty to any home

Part of the genius of this book lies in the unorthodox sources that were consulted. As one reviewer put it, “In particular, the ideas from boat builders, kindergarten teachers, chefs and hoteliers are very interesting and present a new approach to some of the same old issues.” As the daughter of a kindergarten teacher, I can attest to the fact that they are chock-full of amazing ideas.

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The gel-infused, bamboo-derived, memory foam pillow of your dreams

Not only did this pillow—a gusseted, breathable pillow with adjustable fullness and a 30-day trial—receive 4.3 stars from 238 reviews, it garnered 40 exclamations of ” BEST PILLOW EVER!”

Not into this one? We snooze-tested Amazon’s top 5 pillows, check them out.